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Cancers "Be Cool"

Be Cool

This song! This band! This whole fucking record! My god, this is just 100% Summer, isn’t it? Just go ahead and throw a few dashes of Velocity Girl, Superchunk, and Veruca Salt (salt, HAH) into a blender, add a few of your favorite summer camp movies, mix on medium (so you still have some chunks), and you’ve got Cancers.

Ella Kaspar and Lenny Miller round out the Athens, GA-based duo seemingly hellbent on creating melodies as formidable as the mammoth amounts of fuzz and distortion they stir upon. Fatten the Leeches is their debut LP, and if you hadn’t picked up on it by now, it’s tremendous! It’s out September 16, so you’ll have to wait a bit, but listening to “Be Cool” all Summer long doesn’t sound so bad anyway.

If you need more, a 7” and a demo can be all yours over on Kandy Kane Records’ bandcamp page. The record will be released via Kandy Kane (digital/cd) and Dead Broke (vinyl/cassette).

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