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A Monthly Mix: July 2014!


Hey July Friends! It’s a new month and time for a new mix! This month is all about that summer feeling—you know, the one that makes you wanna flop down on it. That said, there’s no Jonathan Richman (One can only put that song on so many Summer mixes in a row), but there’s a whole lot of other A+ stuff going on.

Melbourne Cans (from, well, you guessed it) open the mix up with “Drowned Rats”, a song I’ve unofficially (read: not here) been raving about for a few weeks now. Anyway, it’s perfect and it might be one of my favorites of the year. It’s followed by another two fantastic new ones in a row from Eureka California (not from California) and Burnt Palms (from California), both of which have just released new, spot-on Summer records. Get on it! The Cocteaus and Lush do some dreamy, sunny things and then we’re back to a pair of new pop from Diners and Strange Babes (careful with the outro, it’s an earworm). Okay that’s really enough play by play. The rest of the songs are really good too, I promise. Should you fall in love, do follow the links and buy the records!


01. Melbourne Cans “Drowned Rats”
02. Eureka California “Edith (One Day You’ll Live In A Bunker)”
03. Burnt Palms “Again”
04. Cocteau Twins “Summerhead”
05. Lush “Lit Up”
06. Diners “Hangout With You”
07. Strange Babes “Holiday”
08. Moped “Hotel”
09. Betty Please “Airport Love”
10. Tyrannosaurus Dead “Post Holiday Dead Song”
11. Catchers “Cotton Dress”
12. The Magick Heads “Before We Go Under”
13. Gleemer “Weekend Sisters”
14. #Poundsign# “Starry Night”


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