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A Monthly Mix: June 2014!


Almost two weeks later, I’m still coming down from this year’s NYC Popfest. It was easily the best one yet, and as with every year, I’m left with not only new friends, new memories, and new foot blisters, but a refreshed excitement for the current state of POP!

That said, it’s probably then no big surprise that this month’s mix is packed with loads of new stuff! There’s quite a few familiar names from this year’s Popfest in addition to another handful from all corners of the International Pop Underground—from Day Ravies in Sydney, Australia to Heavy Friends in Baltimore, Maryland! Still a lot of 2014 left, let’s get excited!!!

This month’s mix is dedicated to June 12th birthday twins and all-around POP! princes, Michael Avishay and Kevin Adickes!


01. Day Ravies “Sun Up”
02. Wild Balbina “Stay Alive”
03. Martha “1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely”
04. Gold-Bears “For You”
05. Weed Hounds “Heather W.”
06. The Leaf Library “The Greater Good”
07. Pony Up! “What’s Free Is Yours”
08. Colour Me Wednesday “(I’m Not Coming To Your) BBQ”
09. Ace Bushy Striptease “Ibiza Rocks”
10. Cold Beat “Mirror”
11. Golden Grrrls “We’ve Got…”
12. Pale Lights “Manhattan”
13. Cocktails “Don’t Bother”
14. Comet Gain “Saturday Night Facts Of Life”
15. The Spook School “You Don’t Know”
16. Heavy Friends “Storm The Matchbook”


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