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Monday Catch-Up!

In case you were unfortunate enough to miss them last week, here a few things to catch up with and further improve this sunny Monday morning! POP YOUR PROBLEMS AWAY!!!

Little Big League “Year of the Sunhouse”
The Philly foursome responsible for the one of the best LPs of last year are back already with a new song set to appear on one side of a forthcoming split 7” with Ovlov out in August on Tiny Engines Recs! The track’s as good or better than anything on the previously mentioned LP and Michelle Zauner’s vocals and lyrics are instantly impressive as always. And hey! Their tour starts Monday at the Barbary in Philly! Be there or elsewhere! Dates here!

Gold-Bears “Yeah, Tonight”
It’s been tough to keep a lid on this one for the past few months! Gold-Bears sophomore LP Dalliance is about as good as indiepop gets these days. Featuring guest vocals from Emma Kupa (of the hugely missed Standard Fare), “Yeah, Tonight” is a blistering pop song and perfectly suited for opening the record. Right out of the gate, it’s displays the both the matured subject matter and wildly assured songwriting (and guitar feedback) skills of lead Gold-Bear Jeremy Underwood. A fucking plus.

School “Easier”
Four singles in now and Göteborg’s School show little to no interest in releasing anything that isn’t a flat-out shimmering pop gem. Just one question remains—WHERE’S THE RECORD???

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