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A Monthly Mix: May 2014!


Happy May, popkids! And a fine NYC POPFEST month, as well! I’d intended to get a Popfest Mix together this year, but, you know, I didn’t—there’s a massive gem from Gingerlys in this month’s sea of songs though, and they’ll be there! So there you go!

Anyway, May: we’re really into the pop season now, aren’t we?! It seemed best to meeee to celebrate the apex of Spring with some of my favorites since the dawn of my love affair with pop songs. If Heavenly’s “Our Love Is Heavenly” isn’t a sunny day ideal, then I don’t know what is. Those chiming guitars! Those harmonies! *Hearts in eyes* *Butterflies in stomachs* And then, well, you could certainly do a lot worse than that one-two punch of a closer from Pearly Gatecrashers and Lunchbox! I’m still convinced, too, after all these years, that those horns towards the end of “Letter From Overend” might be the thing that saves us all. Oh and it all opens with the brilliance of probably the best song Bunnygrunt ever Bunnygrunted!

Get yours today! Download!

01. Bunnygrunt “Superstar 666”
02. Heavenly “Our Love Is Heavenly”
03. McCarthy “The Fall” (Remix)
04. Tuff Love “Seafoam”
05. Shorts “Berlin 1971”
06. The Faintest Ideas “Nosebleeders On The Track”
07. The Suncharms “Tranquil Day”
08. Joana Gruesome “Anti Parent Cowboy Killers”
09. Martha “1997, Passing In The Hallway”
10. Love Dance “Losing Faith”
11. Gingerlys “Better Hearts”
12. Faux Fur “Saw You Standing”
13. Liechtenstein “Ambitions”
14. The Pearly Gatecrashers “Tequila Moon”
15. Lunchbox “Letter From Overend”


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