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I am not frequently posting songs here via Spotty, but when a song is as dreadfully fantastic as Wildhoney’s “Soft Bats” (and it’s not streaming on Bandcamp or other internet hideouts), exceptions may be made.

Baltimore’s Wildhoney are indeed a shoegazing outfit, but holy hell if they couldn’t also find their way to a brilliant pop melody blindfolded in the dark of night. It’s for that reason that “Soft Bats” succeeds in that way that Chapterhouse’s “Breather” or Ride’s “Like A Daydream” or Swirlies’ “Wrong Tube” have in the past—Wildhoney aren’t just effects pedal nerds, they’re also pretty damn adequate pop songwriters.

The 7” is out on April 20th on Photobooth Records out of DC!

(Source: Spotify)

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