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A Monthly Mix: April 2014!

Spring is here! And so are these songs! Play it loud, and if loud isn’t loud enough, continue turning up until you look like the girl(s) on the cover—that’s a safe bet for a perfect reaction.

As with all good things on this earth, the whole of the 17 songs inside make for a terrifically melodic, cacophonous mess of fun! Or so I’d hope. Dig it! New(ish) things you should listen to more of and ¡buy! are linked to their respective internet homes.


01. The Manhattan Love Suicides “Never Far From You”
02. Rat Columns “Wilted”
03. Trick Mammoth “Baltimore”
04. Love Is All “Felt Tip”
05. Island Twins “Over You”
06. The Spinanes “Uneasy”
07. Citrus Groove “Hit The Ground”
08. Sloan “Nothing Left To Make Me Want To Stay”
09. Poastal “The Absolute Magnitude of Negative Five”
10. Ghost Gum “Waves”
11. Sourpatch “Cynthia Ann”
12. Cumulus “Do You Remember”
13. Brittle Stars “May”
14. Pants Yell! “Your Feelings Don’t Show”
15. The Conquests “Is It Right?”
16. The Wedding Present “I’m Not Always So Stupid”
17. Air Miami “Special Angel”

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