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A Monthly Mix: March 2014!


In a month that has thus far been quite the anomaly—60+ degree days followed by snow, rinse and repeat—I thought I’d make a mix just juxtaposed enough to match.

Opening with the bubbly bossa of mid-oughts Stereolab, everything stays sunny and saccharine through the first seven (including perhaps one of the catchiest pop songs Tunabunny have ever tunabunnied, from their new dreamboat of an LP, Kingdom Technology). Then, led by another 2014 gem (seriously, get on that new Eternal Summers record asap and ride it straight into the damn sunset), things start to deteriorate—let’s call Flyying Colours’ “Bugs” the ~*~snowstorm~*~ for sake of weatherphor. Some other things happen, then the closing 1-2-3 punch leaves us thinking that Spring might happen sometime, maybe, probably not, BUT MAYBE, one day.

Hope you enjoy! <3


01. Stereolab “Need To Be”
02. Postal Blue “The World Doesn’t Need You”
03. Sleepyhead “Sick of Heaven”
04. Tunabunny “Coming For You”
05. Voice Of The Beehive “I Say Nothing”
06. The Popinjays “Vote Elvis”
07. Ampersand “Tokyo Girl”
08. Eternal Summers “Deep End”
09. Flyying Colours “Bugs”
10. Le Futur Pompiste “My Trophy”
11. The Hundredth Anniversary “Voices, Void”
12. The Frenchmen “Change of Season”
13. The Primitives “Nothing Left”
14. Sibille Attar “Come Night”

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