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A Monthly Mix: February 2014!


Since I hadn’t really pushed it too hard in the past few months, and I’ll take literally any opportunity to make a Wintery-themed mix, February seemed like a fantastic month to make it happen. As I mop up yet another shimmering layer of rock salt off of my living room floor, I’m hoping this brings even the tiniest bit of warmth to a Winter that just won’t seem to end.

February is also well-suited for tying up a few loose ends and getting on with the new year! This month’s mix includes tracks from a few brilliant 2013 records that I stumbled upon just a bit too late (Makthaverskan’s II and Tiger Baby’s perfectly wintery Alone EP), as well as new tracks from School (doing a knock-out Cocteaus impression), Tripping The Light Fantastic, Nicole Sabouné, and Simian Ghost—all making a pretty damn solid case for 2014 being another amazing year for pop songs. And what’s a Winter pop mix without Nothern Picture Library’s “Catholic Easter Colours”? NOT A WINTER MIX WORTH HAVING, THAT’S WHAT.

Hope you like it! <3

01. Nothern Picture Library “Catholic Easter Colours”
02. School “Clouds Aside”
03. Tiger Tape “Just A Cat”
04. Je Suis Animal “Painted In My Face”
05. Makthaverskan “Slowly Sinking”
06. Life Without Buildings “Let’s Get Out”
07. Tugboat “Next Year’s Words”
08. Tripping The Light Fantastic “Heavy Heart”
09. Language Of Flowers “It’s Not You”
10. Nicole Sabouné “Conquer Or Suffer”
11. Simian Ghost “Echoes Of Songs”
12. The Faintest Ideas “Nothing Will Ever Happen”
13. The Radio Dept. “I Don’t Need Love, I’ve Got My Band”
14. Tiger Baby “Winter Song”

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    Skatterbrain included my band’s “Heavy Heart” in their playlist. It might actually be my favourite song from our album...
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    A lot of perfect Swedes in there (at least five), perfectly so since we don’t have any Winter here!
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    if you’re lucky enough to be in the middle of winter right now…
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