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Around the time that I fell in love with their single “Delphine (With A Purpose)” last year, Dunedin, NZ’s Trick Mammoth we’re still slated to deliver their debut LP Floristry within the walls of 2013. Not quite the case, and so now this gorgeous, dreamy beast of a pop record will be one of the first and finest out of the gate in 2014.

The record opens with "Baltimore"—my absolute favorite of their early demos. It’s probably their most immediately catchy and jangling moment, all speeding drums and basslines, with sun-kissed leads and Millie Lovelock’s breezy vocals, and a damn fine way to open a record. It’s “Cold Dalmation”, however, that’s got me hooked right now. It took me a few tries to get to the last two tracks of the record, as I’m pretty sure I went back and played it at least 5-6 times in a row before moving on! It’s the trio at their snooziest and dreamiest. The track builds and builds into a fantastic bridge with crashing drums and fuzz to the ceiling—all of this topped with the loveliest overlapping vocal harmonies. It’s a dream. Almost like something The Arrogants might have dreamed up, but didn’t.

Floristry is out January 31st on Fishrider Records! Get it get it get it!!!

Also also! You can find more of Millie in the noiser/gazier Astro Children, Sam in the brilliant band Males, and Adrian can be found solo as Mavis Gary! All come quite highly recommended. Males, you may remember, appeared on the November Mix of last year!

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