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Favorite LPs and Songs of 2013


So, after admitting to myself that I wasn’t going to get the 2013 year-end mixes done this year I got a little bummed out. 2013 was such a brilliant year for pop that it would be an absolute shame to flat-out forego any mention of the records and songs that made me smile, dance, cry, or otherwise FEEL LOTS OF THINGS this year. So here they are: Skatterbrain’s 15 favorite records and 30 favorite songs of 2013.

Top 15 LPs: (In a loose, approximate order)

01. The Spook School Dress Up (Fortuna Pop!)
02. Little Big League These Are Good People (Tiny Engines)
03. Joanna Gruesome Weird Sister (Slumberland)
04. Bent Shapes Feels Weird (Father/Daughter Recs)
05. The History of Apple Pie Out of View (Marshall Teller)

06. The Mantles Long Enough To Leave (Slumberland)
07. Sally Shapiro Somewhere Else (Paper Bag)
08. Tunabunny Genius Fatigue (HHBTM)
09. Girls Names The New Life (Slumberland)
10. The Proctors Everlasting Light (Shelflife)
11. Kleenex Girl Wonder Let It Buffer (This Will Be Our Summer)
12. Modern Charms Modern Charms (Clue #2)
13. Little Boots Nocturnes (On Repeat)
14. Golden Grrrls Golden Grrrls (Slumberland)
15. Day Ravies Tussle (Pop Frenzy)

Top 30 Songs: (In no order whatsoever, but very much loved)

The History of Apple Pie “I Want More”
Girls Names “The Olympia”
Big Deal “Swapping Spit”
September Girls “Some For Me”
The Mantles “Shadow Of Your Step”
Joanna Gruesome “Secret Surprise”
Little Big League “Brackish Water”
Heathers “Teenage Clothes”
The Spook School “I’ll Be Honest”
Flowers “Shy”
Sally Shapiro “Don’t Be Afraid” (Alternate Version)
Break It Up “We Have It”
Fleeting Joys “Kiss A Girl In Black”
Bent Shapes “I Was Here But I Disappear”
Wax Idols “Stay In”
The Young Sinclairs “You Know Where To Find Me”
English Singles “Ordinary Girls”
Annie “Ralph Macchio”
Empress Of “Hat Trick”
The Vacuum Dreamers “Iris The Serene & Judy The Obscure”
Places To Hide “Drugs”
The Blanche Hudson Weekend “Someone Please Make It Rain”
Day Ravies “Double Act”
Catnaps “Novelty”
Golden Grrrls “Paul Simon”
Modern Charms “When We Get There”
The Fireworks “Runaround”
Tunabunny “Hollywood Unincorporated”
Crystal Stilts “Star Crawl”
Dutch Barn “Lighter Later”

So there it is! Again, sadly, no mix this year, but most of these songs and almost 100 more favorites from this year can be streamed in my playlist on Spotify here:

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