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A Monthly Mix: January 2014!


Merry new year! I have to say, I am so very pleased to leave the past two immensely busy months of 2013 in the dust and move onto 2014 with a fresh start! On that note, there’s good and not-so-good news. I will not be doing an end-of-the-year mix this year. Excuses are for dummies, but basically it was just a bit too much to add to the growing to-do list of the past several months. It fell by the wayside, and so here we are.

But! Ashes to ashes, or whatever, because it’s a new year a new chance to get back on the ball and put together a mix of (20)14 (aha ha ha) of the most heavenly pop hits! Lots of old jangly favorites, plus a new one from The Fireworks (who released not one, but TWO brilliant records this year), round of the first mix of the year and I hope you’ll love it!!! See you soon!

YAY! DOWNLOAD! (.zip, 106mb)

  1. Shine! “Bite The Apple”
  2. The Golden Dawn “My Secret World”
  3. Happydeadmen “Life Inside A Frame”
  4. Dislocation Dance “Tyrannies Of Fun”
  5. The Sea Urchins “Please Rain Fall”
  6. Gangway “Yesterday, When I Was Drunk”
  7. The Rain “Tom Paine”
  8. Vinegar Blossom “Solstice”
  9. The Fireworks “Runaround”
  10. The Popguns “Can’t Ignore The Train” (10,000 Maniacs cover)
  11. The Pale Fountains “You’ll Start A War”
  12. Even As We Speak “Goes So Slow”
  13. Po! “Fay” (7” version)
  14. North of Cornwallis “One 2nd Class Return”


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