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You Need A Mess of Songs to Stand This Rainy Friday

Granted, it might not be raining where you are, but I think the sentiment is still there. I’ve been a little quiet lately, but I wanted to share a few new things that have been on endless repeat in Skatterbrainland lately.

Let’s Wrestle are back! Foremost pop purveyors Fortuna Pop! will be releasing their self-titled third LP sometime in February. After a countless blur of listens this week, “Codeine and Marshmallows” is well on its way to possible becoming my new favorite Let’s Wrestle track! Definitely more matured and openly heartfelt than we’ve seen from them in the past (“she is my winter, and she’s laying claim/I’m sucking on a spoon, cause her name is pain”), but it comes through as perfect to these ears—and definitely a suitable compliment to a rainy winter day.

Speaking of Winter and December and CHRISTMAS, there’s still time to grab all 4 Singles of the 2013 edition of the Snowflakes Christmas Single Club! This year’s set includes 7”s from Smoke Fairies, The Miserable Rich, The Silhouettes, and The Garlands! Here’s the Garlands’ A-side, a rerecorded version of the their 2008 “Christmas Song.” It’s the Margo Guryan Christmas song you always wanted, but never had.

And to round things out, if you haven’t grabbed any of these yet, you’re going to want to fix that up RIGHT NOW:

New Flowers Demos!
If you don’t feel the need to listen to “Shy” 20 times in a row, then I just don’t know how you make it through the day.

New, final, posthumous Standard Fare!
These final two songs are as perfectly pop as they come these days and they’re making me miss Standard Fare even more than I thought possible.

Dutch Barn EP on EardrumsPop!
Three new songs from the fantastic East London 5-piece that sound quite a bit like late-period Teenage Fanclub filtered through a rose-tinted indiepop lens.


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