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Heathers "Teenage Clothes"

Teenage Clothes

The first track unveiled by new-ish-ish LA popkids Heathers last week is a top-shelf jangler, with just enough west coast fuzz around the edges that you could probably even convince your wavvves coast friends to take it for a spin. It sounds like Coca-Colas (with whiskey? Maybe. I know Michael would approve.) and swimming pools, or maybe an endless loop of that moment on the log plume where you hit the water at the bottom of the first big drop. And this is all amidst an 18 degree wind chill. I can only imagine how great this will sound when it’s not soundtracking an east coast Winter. I give it 3 out of 4 Zac Efrons.

Download it for free on bandcamp!

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    aw skatterbrain shared my new bands track and gave it 3 out of 4 Zac Efrons! fuck yeah!!!
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    Heathers - Teenage Clothes I saw these dudes play last Friday. Top-notch, ya’ll. I was rather drunk at the time and...
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