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A Monthly Mix: February 2013!


And we’re back! Since January ended up being a bit of a wash (sometimes does depending on when I get around my ‘end of the year’ list/mix posting), February’s mix will bring us into 2013—and how it does! Notable new ones from Chastity Belt, Still Corners, Haiku Salut, Blooper, and Bent Shapes! Keep an eye on all five this year! Mixed in around those are some old favorites (can’t very well make a February mix without Lily’s “February Fourteenth”, can you?) and winter-appropriate international pop hits! I hope it brightens your FEB and a very belated happy new year to all you popkids out there!

I am currently fixing some server issues and as a result, the download link may be broken for a period of time. I’ll update when everything is squared way! Sorry!

The download link should be working fine now!

DOWNLOAD! (83mb, .zip)


  1. The Raw Herbs “The Storm”
  2. Chastity Belt “Seattle Party”
  3. The Airfields “Quiet Nights In June”
  4. Pia Fraus “Feeling Is New”
  5. Still Corners “Heart of Fools”
  6. Stereolab “The Nth Degrees”
  7. Haiku Salut “Leaf Stricken”
  8. Lilys “February Fourteenth”
  9. Javelins “Geography of Me”
  10. Blooper “Shaky”
  11. Love Parade “Can’t Buy Me Love”
  12. Blueboy “Sea Horses” (Live)
  13. Bent Shapes “Bites and Scratches”
  14. Razorcuts “Mary Day”
  15. My Favorite “Go Kid Go” (7” Version)
  16. Small Factory “Sensible”


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