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Beat Mark "Boxes"

Beat Mark

It’s funny how brief the moment between loving something and forgetting about it entirely can be. Days! How sad is that? I mention this because some of you may remember a rather brilliant split 7” from last year featuring Two Bit Dezperados and Beat Mark. The Two Bit song was nice enough, but it was the track from Parisian poppers Beat Mark that knocked me off my feet. Great, quasi-jangle jangle with girl/boy harmonies not so unlike those of contemporaries Veronica Falls. But that’s just a reference point, not an accusation. No, Beat Mark are great on their own. Maybe not VF great, but then VF aren’t Popguns great. We can’t all be the best. Which brings us to today when I remembered Beat Mark after—as previously mentioned—I had most certainly forgotten about them for a handful of months. They’re still great; better even, maybe. I don’t think I’ll be forgetting them again. Their new cassette EP entitled ‘Beat Mark…Move On’ is out in February on Soft Power Recs! It’s super-limited and super good so don’t be a dummy. Listen to the Sambassadeurish breezy pop effortlessness of “Boxes” and you’ll know.

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