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The second LP from Chicago’s Panda Riot is finally right around the corner—and it’s even better than the first (which still gets pretty regular rotation around here)! Northern Automatic Music is it’s name and it’ll be out February 19th on Saint Marie Records!

The move from programmed to live drums on these new recordings is the biggest immediate plus. The drum beats are still highly melodic and danceable, but with more bombast than ever, pushing them even further up the ladder of contemporary shoegaze bands worth giving a shit about (there aren’t many). “Black Pyramids” is a perfect example of where the band is now. Guitars roar under the glow of twinkling keys, while Rebecca’s flat out siren-like vocals peek through the haze, and before you know it you’re twirling around and grinning towards the ceiling. It’s the sonic equivalent of spinning around in a dark room full of Christmas lights. It’s really something.

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