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100 Favorite Songs of 2012


It’s finally end of the year mix time! 2012 was such an amazing year so many kinds of music, and in particular, POP! You can slice that up in so many ways, and that’s probably why I spent over three weeks time pulling this year’s mix together! I’m sure I accidentally left a few favorites out, but I did my best cover everything I loved. Even if I loved it passionately for two weeks and then threw it away, it still matters to me! So here they are, all five volumes. 20 songs each, adding up to a grand total of 100 songs that I thought were better than all of the other songs this. GO NUTS!!!

Links have been updated and should be OK now! Thanks JDP!

Volume One: Download!

  1. Veronica Falls “My Heart Beats”
  2. The Garlands “Weakness Is Your Pose”
  3. Icona Pop “Good For You”
  4. Melody’s Echo Chamber “Mount Hopeless”
  5. Eternal Summers “Good As You”
  6. Chastity Belt “God Damn”
  7. Butter The Children “Lupus”
  8. Still Corners “Fireflies”
  9. Hospitality “Sleepover”
  10. Prissy Clerks “Blast-Off Girls”
  11. Times New Viking “Sleep-In”
  12. Boomgates “Hold Me Now”
  13. Neighbors “All United Grocery”
  14. Diana “Born Again”
  15. Wild Balbina “Spit Your Love”
  16. Siamese Twins “In A Box”
  17. Casket Girls “Heartless”
  18. De Montevert “Within”
  19. Hollows “Strange Effect”
  20. Sourpatch “What You Already Know”

Volume Two: Download!

  1. Carly Rae Jepsen “Sweetie”
  2. Tops “Go Away”
  3. Burning Hearts “Modern Times”
  4. La Sera “How Far We’ve Come”
  5. Heaven’s Gate “Jesus Hair”
  6. Big Eyes “Back From The Moon”
  7. Crooked Bangs “Halfway/Lucifer, Mon Amour”
  8. Covergirl “Ice Father Nation (Demo)”
  9. Silkies “Like One”
  10. Novella “Strange Things”
  11. Young Prisms “Better Days”
  12. Fear Of Men “Green Sea”
  13. Dignan Porch “TV Shows”
  14. Field Mouse “You Guys Are Gonna Wake Up My Mom”
  15. Slowdance “Boyfriend”
  16. Queen Of Hearts “Broken Dreams”
  17. Craft Spells “Warmth”
  18. Orca Team “Night Moves”
  19. Sky Ferreira “Everything Is Embarrassing”
  20. Chromatics “Kill For Love”

Volume Three: Download!

  1. Girls Names “A Troubled See”
  2. Swearin’ “Fat Chance”
  3. Troubled Sleep “Oh Brother”
  4. Burnt Palms “In My Mind”
  5. Star Horse “Marybelle”
  6. You’re Jovian “Later Better Than Never”
  7. Las Robertas “Seconds Away”
  8. Sarah Mary Chadwick “Fools Like Me”
  9. Rebecca Gates and the Consortium “& & &”
  10. The Pageants “And Then Billie Started To Cry”
  11. Standard Fare “Older Women”
  12. Thee Ahs “Sour Candy”
  13. Cassolette “A Big Master Plan”
  14. Impo and the Tents “Pop Secret”
  15. The Birthday Kiss “Choking”
  16. Pale Man Made “In Your Bed”
  17. Amanda Mair “What Do You Want”
  18. Evans The Death “Morning Voice”
  19. Tiger Tape “Stanna för alltid, gå härifrån”
  20. Allo Darlin’ “Capricornia”

Volume Four: Download!

  1. Carousels “Over Me”
  2. Solange “Lovers In The Parking Lot”
  3. Teen “Electric”
  4. She’s So Rad “Time”
  5. Fever Dream “This Waste”
  6. Black Tambourine “What’s Your Game”
  7. Mil Mascaras “French TV”
  8. Potty Mouth “Dog Song”
  9. Ghost Ship “Painted Orange”
  10. The Holiday Crowd “Pennies Found”
  11. Toxie “Newgate”
  12. The Hairs “Birds Shit Then Sing”
  13. Field Trip “You Make Me Sleepy”
  14. Lockets “Camera Shy”
  15. Taylor Swift “Treacherous”
  16. The Hermit Crabs “Stop This Now”
  17. Happy Hands Club “Garden Of Eden”
  18. Sally Shapiro “What Can I Do”
  19. Niki & the Dove “Winterheart”
  20. First Love, Last Rites “Charlot”

Volume Five: Download!

  1. Shrag “On The Spines Of Old Cathedrals”
  2. Weird Dreams “Hurt So Bad”
  3. Tender Trap “May Day”
  4. Eux Autres “Broken Record”
  5. Cuffs “Y.C.C.T.”
  6. Island Twins “Lying In State”
  7. Rat Columns “Opaque Eyes”
  8. Gum “Anna Sang & Alison”
  9. Post Modern Team “Heartbreak”
  10. Exlovers “Starlight, Starlight”
  11. Frankie Rose “Daylight Sky”
  12. Maribel “Slumber Street”
  13. Grey Gardens “Strange Love”
  14. Love Cuts “I Will Kiss Anyone”
  15. Sea Pinks “False Spring”
  16. Flowers “Cut & Run”
  17. Seapony “Outside”
  18. The Hobbes Fanclub “The One You Love”
  19. Lightfoils “How It Is”
  20. Echo Lake “Last Song Of The Year”

Merry 2012, everyone! I hope you enjoy the mixes, and as always, let me know if you have any questions about anything on them!

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