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Gems "Void Moon"

Void Moon

I’ve been listening to this gem (ahahahahaha) from newish DC duo Gems all morning and it’s reaaaaaaaally making me wish I was back in bed dreaming. “Void Moon” was recorded in an empty beach house in Outer Banks, NC just days before the two were forced to evacuate the beach due to the hurricane, which is just a PERFECT backstory because this sounds exactly like what I’d want to be hearing while watching a storm over the water. Sounds a bit to me like Victorialand-era Cocteaus sans Liz Fraser—and you’ll never hear any complaints from me about Guthrie-eqsue guitar tones.

In COMPLETELY unrelated news: If you’re not getting you’re daily supplement of Catcall’s “The World Is Ours” you’re 100% missing out on the potential for feeling REALLY GOOD.

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