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Sleeping Bag "Walk Home"

Sleeping Bag
Walk Home

In an interesting move, Bloomy, Indiana guitar pop dudes Sleeping Bag has premiered the closer from their ten-track forthcoming LP as the first “single” of sorts. But what an album closer it is! If these guys had an anthem in them, “Walk Home” is it—and just so fitting that it’s opens with whistling. I’ll typically be first to call bullshit on whistling, but it really works. Less of a tremendous, glittering anthem and more of an ode to long, rural roads and one too many thoughts. Bring on the major leagues.

Their sophmore LP ‘Women of Your Life’ will be out November 27 on Joyful Noise Recordings! The vinyl version will be limited to just 300 hand-numbered copies on “double mint” green vinyl, packaged in silk-screened jackets! Don’t Sleep(ing Bag)!

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