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Alison's Halo "Calendar"

Alison's Halo

Presumably long-gone Arizona shoegazers Alison’s Halo used to be my go-to for cold Fall days several years back, but I hadn’t played this, my absolute favorite of theirs, in a while. As I put it on this morning, I decided to check up on them: Turns out reissue fiends Captured Tracks have approached them to do a re-release of Eyedazzler; the band’s first LP cum retrospective of sorts, spanning quite a few years. This may or may not be set in stone, but I’m crossing my fingers! In addition to that fantastic news, the band has also announced that they’ve been recording new material for an EP due out later this year! Given that it’s October, I’d guess that probably means early next year now, BUT STILL!!! Oh man. While you catch your breath, here’s “Calendar”!

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