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Nobody’s Business!


After much hoping and waiting, the first compilation from Netherlands POP label Candy Twist is finally seeing the light of day! Nobody’s Business is PURE POP through and through—a new flag to wave around and then dance on top of until you can’t dance anymore.

Like any pop compilation worth its salt, the 12 tracks span the globe more than a few times—and it’s quite without hyperbole when I say that this thing is wall-to-wall gems. From the fuzzbomb opener c/o The Fireworks to the bittersweet lounge sway of Making Marks’ “Breakthough”, there’s plenty here to warrant an endless amount of listens.

Preorders are up now aaaaaaand if you hop on that train right now you’ll get the FREE and exclusive accompanying fanzine featuring 48 pages of interviews with the bands on this LP, and all sorts of other things!

Listen to the whole compilation on bandcamp!


Somehow I missed this new(ish) video for The Spook School’s “I’ll Be Honest” when it entered the internets back in October, but instead of kicking myself for it, I’ll just watch it a sixth time in a row to make up for it. The video compliments the sugar-rush spirit of the whole of the brilliant debut album from these four Edinburgh popkids and makes shouting along to, let’s be honest, one of THE MOST SHOUTABLE lyrics of 2013 (“I’ll be honest with you for the the first time/Cause you’re probably too drunk to even remember!”) feel even more exciting.

Get Dress Up from Fortuna Pop!, dummies!


In conjunction (junction) with the release of the fantastic new Call Me Mista EP, The Hairs have also premiered a brand new video for the lead-off track! The “Drool” video finds Kevin (Bree) in a costume wig coping with her sad breakup with dreamboat bf Joff. Take-out, bath cigs, and stuffed animals ensue. Don’t be a dummy, watch it!

And grab the EP on bandcamp!


There aren’t many better ways to start off a brand new week than with a brand new Veronica Falls single! “Nobody There,” recorded to celebrate their upcoming Fall tour, is more of that perfect, chugging, sunny day pop that can be found all throughout ‘Waiting For Something To Happen’.



Joanna Gruesome - “Sugarcrush” (live at Pianos, CMJ 2013)

This is the greatest fucking thing and I am kicking myself right in the face for not being able to see JGRO this week.



A Monthly Mix: October 2013!


Apologies for being almost TWO weeks late on my favorite mix-making month of the year! It could have come sooner, but making it last week—with October temperatures in the high 80s—just felt terribly wrong. It’s down to mid 50s this week, though, so now it feels just right.

This month’s mix kicks off with a new one from DOE. All heavy-fuzz, yells and feedback squalls—exactly how any respectable October mix should open, right? Following that there’s Tsunami, Places To Hide (arguably the best song from one of the best records of the year), and 13 others all waiting to get you into the Fall spirit. It’s cozy Mix season, Motherfuckers.


  1. DOE “Oh, Nostalgia!”
  2. Tsunami “Writing Letters”
  3. Places To Hide “Drugs”
  4. Sourpatch “Things You Say”
  5. The Autocollants “Butterscotch”
  6. Vomit Launch “Smokebreak”
  7. Mad Planets “Paperchase”
  8. The Arrogants “The Incurables”
  9. Siamese Twins “Don’t Forgive Lightly”
  10. The Mai 68s “Lead Me To A Quiet Cell”
  11. Lush “Ex”
  12. Joanna Gruesome “Candy”
  13. Containe “You”
  14. Holiday Flyer “Roll Those Eyes Over Here”
  15. Heavenly “Different Day”
  16. Confetti “Corduroy” (Wedding Present cover)

I’m really, really, really happy about the massive amount of early Stereolab these dudes must be listening to. And just when you think maybe they’ve been listening to “John Cage Bubblegum” just a few too many times (as if that’s even possible), the chorus goes all powerpop and you’re like, “ok”.

This record needs to be in my hands ASAP.


Break It Up "We Have It"

Break It Up
We Have It

Philadelphia’s Break It Up—who’ve been hiding right under my nose for the past two years—have finally released their *fantastic* debut LP! And they’ll be playing it at their cd release/Tuesday Tune-Out tonight at PhilaMOCA!

As for the record: To my ears it’s one of the better records to come out of the city in a while! The trio of Casey Bell, Dan Morse, and Jen Sperling throw pop hook after pop; sometimes through fuzzy guitars and speedy drums, and sometimes, like on “We Hate It”, they, quite elegantly, take a page from one of Yo La Tengo’s more sprawling moments. Note: An egg shaker and a wall of guitars will get you VERY far in my book.

Get the record here!


Between Virginia Wing’s Extended Play 12” (A title reference to a reasonably accurate sonic touchpoint, perhaps?) and the recently released Shudder Pulps 7”, Faux Discx is kind of killing it this Fall.

The relatively new London four-piece by the name of Virginia Wing, already sound pretty damn surefooted in their pretty particular musical landscape—we’ll call it dirgey, dreamlike Metropolis underbelly rock. “Common Ground” calls up alternating images of shadowy, shuddering treelines and monstrous pistons pumping away in some great noir-kraut mystery machine. But it also sounds like Broadcast, I guess. Listen to it right now.