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Aerofall "April"


Not a whole lot to say, because I’m sleepy and it’s late, but for my money this is probably THE best shoegazing track to see the light of day this year. And it’s here via the debut LP from Rostov-on-Don, Russia’s brilliant Aerofall. Quite a few of the tracks from the self-titled record have been floating around for the past few years, but this new one (along with several more) join the others for an LP that reminds me of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa at their most amazing moments—blistering low end guitars with loads of drive and (you know the drill) gorgeous, melodic, discernable at best atop-the-clouds female vox. The record was released by Hands And Moment back in April (haha) and quite frankly I’m a dummy for waiting this long to hear it—which meaaaaaans that you should RUN NOT WALK to the entirety of this record asap. You can’t sleep on a record this loud anyway.


A Monthly Mix: August 2014


As if this year hasn’t already been a flat-out banner year for things we like, these past few months (and the next few on the horizon) have been tremendous in the melody department. Illustrating that fact quite well, this month’s mix is sixteen all new songs spanning the a good bit of the globe—kicking off in a probably undisclosed garage in California and finishing up as screaming feedback in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. SO FUN.

If this is the kind of brilliance that late-Summer is capable of, I think I might be willing to postpone my autumnal longing for just a little bit longer.

Here’s the tracklist and link. Listen loud! All of these songs hail from records either fresh out of the oven or just on their way out, so if you love them please dig a little deeper and support the bands!!!


01. Terry Malts “Let You In”
02. Bent Shapes “86’d in ‘03”
03. Earth Girls “Who We’ve Never Met”
04. Crabapple “Loose Ends”
05. Joanna Gruesome “Jerome (Liar)”
06. Lightfoils “Addict”
07. Rat Columns “Pink Mist”
08. Literature “New Jacket”
09. Alvvays “Atop A Cake”
10. The Luxembourg Signal “We Go On”
11. Flowers “Joanna”
12. Siamese Twins “Alone”
13. Amanda X “Dream House”
14. Fleabite “Boom Boom Boom” (Vengaboys cover, kinda)
15. Cancers “Glaciers”
16. Aerofall “Nice”



Cancers "Be Cool"

Be Cool

This song! This band! This whole fucking record! My god, this is just 100% Summer, isn’t it? Just go ahead and throw a few dashes of Velocity Girl, Superchunk, and Veruca Salt (salt, HAH) into a blender, add a few of your favorite summer camp movies, mix on medium (so you still have some chunks), and you’ve got Cancers.

Ella Kaspar and Lenny Miller round out the Athens, GA-based duo seemingly hellbent on creating melodies as formidable as the mammoth amounts of fuzz and distortion they stir upon. Fatten the Leeches is their debut LP, and if you hadn’t picked up on it by now, it’s tremendous! It’s out September 16, so you’ll have to wait a bit, but listening to “Be Cool” all Summer long doesn’t sound so bad anyway.

If you need more, a 7” and a demo can be all yours over on Kandy Kane Records’ bandcamp page. The record will be released via Kandy Kane (digital/cd) and Dead Broke (vinyl/cassette).


A Monthly Mix: July 2014!


Hey July Friends! It’s a new month and time for a new mix! This month is all about that summer feeling—you know, the one that makes you wanna flop down on it. That said, there’s no Jonathan Richman (One can only put that song on so many Summer mixes in a row), but there’s a whole lot of other A+ stuff going on.

Melbourne Cans (from, well, you guessed it) open the mix up with “Drowned Rats”, a song I’ve unofficially (read: not here) been raving about for a few weeks now. Anyway, it’s perfect and it might be one of my favorites of the year. It’s followed by another two fantastic new ones in a row from Eureka California (not from California) and Burnt Palms (from California), both of which have just released new, spot-on Summer records. Get on it! The Cocteaus and Lush do some dreamy, sunny things and then we’re back to a pair of new pop from Diners and Strange Babes (careful with the outro, it’s an earworm). Okay that’s really enough play by play. The rest of the songs are really good too, I promise. Should you fall in love, do follow the links and buy the records!


01. Melbourne Cans “Drowned Rats”
02. Eureka California “Edith (One Day You’ll Live In A Bunker)”
03. Burnt Palms “Again”
04. Cocteau Twins “Summerhead”
05. Lush “Lit Up”
06. Diners “Hangout With You”
07. Strange Babes “Holiday”
08. Moped “Hotel”
09. Betty Please “Airport Love”
10. Tyrannosaurus Dead “Post Holiday Dead Song”
11. Catchers “Cotton Dress”
12. The Magick Heads “Before We Go Under”
13. Gleemer “Weekend Sisters”
14. #Poundsign# “Starry Night”



A few things:

1. This is unquestionably my new personal anthem.
2. Do not sleep on this new Ace Bushy Striptease record because it’s brilliant, charming, hilarious, jangly, and wildly infectious.
3. Only listening to records with Gilmore Girls references henceforth.


A Monthly Mix: June 2014!


Almost two weeks later, I’m still coming down from this year’s NYC Popfest. It was easily the best one yet, and as with every year, I’m left with not only new friends, new memories, and new foot blisters, but a refreshed excitement for the current state of POP!

That said, it’s probably then no big surprise that this month’s mix is packed with loads of new stuff! There’s quite a few familiar names from this year’s Popfest in addition to another handful from all corners of the International Pop Underground—from Day Ravies in Sydney, Australia to Heavy Friends in Baltimore, Maryland! Still a lot of 2014 left, let’s get excited!!!

This month’s mix is dedicated to June 12th birthday twins and all-around POP! princes, Michael Avishay and Kevin Adickes!


01. Day Ravies “Sun Up”
02. Wild Balbina “Stay Alive”
03. Martha “1967, I Miss You, I’m Lonely”
04. Gold-Bears “For You”
05. Weed Hounds “Heather W.”
06. The Leaf Library “The Greater Good”
07. Pony Up! “What’s Free Is Yours”
08. Colour Me Wednesday “(I’m Not Coming To Your) BBQ”
09. Ace Bushy Striptease “Ibiza Rocks”
10. Cold Beat “Mirror”
11. Golden Grrrls “We’ve Got…”
12. Pale Lights “Manhattan”
13. Cocktails “Don’t Bother”
14. Comet Gain “Saturday Night Facts Of Life”
15. The Spook School “You Don’t Know”
16. Heavy Friends “Storm The Matchbook”



Monday Catch-Up!

In case you were unfortunate enough to miss them last week, here a few things to catch up with and further improve this sunny Monday morning! POP YOUR PROBLEMS AWAY!!!

Little Big League “Year of the Sunhouse”
The Philly foursome responsible for the one of the best LPs of last year are back already with a new song set to appear on one side of a forthcoming split 7” with Ovlov out in August on Tiny Engines Recs! The track’s as good or better than anything on the previously mentioned LP and Michelle Zauner’s vocals and lyrics are instantly impressive as always. And hey! Their tour starts Monday at the Barbary in Philly! Be there or elsewhere! Dates here!

Gold-Bears “Yeah, Tonight”
It’s been tough to keep a lid on this one for the past few months! Gold-Bears sophomore LP Dalliance is about as good as indiepop gets these days. Featuring guest vocals from Emma Kupa (of the hugely missed Standard Fare), “Yeah, Tonight” is a blistering pop song and perfectly suited for opening the record. Right out of the gate, it’s displays the both the matured subject matter and wildly assured songwriting (and guitar feedback) skills of lead Gold-Bear Jeremy Underwood. A fucking plus.

School “Easier”
Four singles in now and Göteborg’s School show little to no interest in releasing anything that isn’t a flat-out shimmering pop gem. Just one question remains—WHERE’S THE RECORD???


A Monthly Mix: May 2014!


Happy May, popkids! And a fine NYC POPFEST month, as well! I’d intended to get a Popfest Mix together this year, but, you know, I didn’t—there’s a massive gem from Gingerlys in this month’s sea of songs though, and they’ll be there! So there you go!

Anyway, May: we’re really into the pop season now, aren’t we?! It seemed best to meeee to celebrate the apex of Spring with some of my favorites since the dawn of my love affair with pop songs. If Heavenly’s “Our Love Is Heavenly” isn’t a sunny day ideal, then I don’t know what is. Those chiming guitars! Those harmonies! *Hearts in eyes* *Butterflies in stomachs* And then, well, you could certainly do a lot worse than that one-two punch of a closer from Pearly Gatecrashers and Lunchbox! I’m still convinced, too, after all these years, that those horns towards the end of “Letter From Overend” might be the thing that saves us all. Oh and it all opens with the brilliance of probably the best song Bunnygrunt ever Bunnygrunted!

Get yours today! Download!

01. Bunnygrunt “Superstar 666”
02. Heavenly “Our Love Is Heavenly”
03. McCarthy “The Fall” (Remix)
04. Tuff Love “Seafoam”
05. Shorts “Berlin 1971”
06. The Faintest Ideas “Nosebleeders On The Track”
07. The Suncharms “Tranquil Day”
08. Joana Gruesome “Anti Parent Cowboy Killers”
09. Martha “1997, Passing In The Hallway”
10. Love Dance “Losing Faith”
11. Gingerlys “Better Hearts”
12. Faux Fur “Saw You Standing”
13. Liechtenstein “Ambitions”
14. The Pearly Gatecrashers “Tequila Moon”
15. Lunchbox “Letter From Overend”



Rat Columns "Another Day"

Rat Columns
Another Day

Here’s a new one from the now half Melbourne, half San Francisco Rat Columns. Their debut LP Sceptre Hole was one of my very records of 2012 and it looks like they’ve got another on the way this year!

If you’re at all familiar with Sceptre Hole, “Another Day” sounds about right—icy janging guitars chug along beneath a wash of glistening keys and a delightfully speedy bassline. The icing on the cake here, though, would have to be that brilliant outro! Guitar lines build on top of each until threatening to fall apart amongst the charging drums and snare rolls. It’s a great way to start a Monday morning!

Leaf will be out in early May on R.I.P. Society!


I am not frequently posting songs here via Spotty, but when a song is as dreadfully fantastic as Wildhoney’s “Soft Bats” (and it’s not streaming on Bandcamp or other internet hideouts), exceptions may be made.

Baltimore’s Wildhoney are indeed a shoegazing outfit, but holy hell if they couldn’t also find their way to a brilliant pop melody blindfolded in the dark of night. It’s for that reason that “Soft Bats” succeeds in that way that Chapterhouse’s “Breather” or Ride’s “Like A Daydream” or Swirlies’ “Wrong Tube” have in the past—Wildhoney aren’t just effects pedal nerds, they’re also pretty damn adequate pop songwriters.

The 7” is out on April 20th on Photobooth Records out of DC!

(Source: Spotify)