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A Monthly Mix: October 2014!


October’s here! It’s a time for warm, wooly fuzz. A time for whispered melodies. A time for dreamy reverb the size of a C-130 hangar. A time for opening a mix with Bauhaus’ wobbly guitar feedback. And a time for closing it all down with a beautifully blown-out distortion ballad care of Las Robertas.

As always, there’s a handful of new stuff to be had here, too. New gems from Happy Diving, T-Dead, Little Big League, The Soundcarriers, and Pity Sex make doing a little post-listen investigation well worth your time.

DOWNLOAD IT! (16 tracks, 130mb .zip)

01. Bauhaus “Dark Entries”
02. The Spinanes “Handful of Hearts”
03. Cocteau Twins “The Spangle Maker”
04. Happy Diving “Sad Planet”
05. Veronica Falls “Come On Over”
06. Crystal Stilts “The SinKing”
07. Tyrannosaurus Dead “Local Bullies”
08. Burning Hearts “Deep Waters”
09. Star “Switchblade Heart”
10. The Charlottes “We’re Going Wrong”
11. Little Big League “Property Line”
12. Spent “Unwrapped, Ungiven”
13. The Soundcarriers “So Beguiled”
14. Jessica Lea Mayfield “Trouble”
15. Pity Sex “Acid Reflex”
16. Las Robertas “V for You”



Premiere: My Favorite “Second Empire”

I’m pleased as punch today to premiere the brand new languid fever dream of a video for My Favorite’s “Second Empire”—the (reinvented) collective’s first single in nearly a decade!

The a-side of a 7” single co-released by WIAIWYA and the group’s own La Kalsa imprint, “Second Empire” is an apt return—bringing back the glittering melodic melancholy that made us all want to cry in the shadows of the dancefloor in the first place, but as a reinvented band of dreamers, in a changed landscape, with, of course, a saxophone.

If there’s any justice in the popworld (hint: there isn’t, but), My Favorite’s brilliant return won’t go unnoticed and the bedroom legacy that began 1994 will finally see the attention it deserves.

The record’s two tracks can be streamed over on the My Favorite bandcamp, where you can ALSO buy the 7” (which you should absolutely do post-haste, especially with the long cold nights we have ahead of us).


A Monthly Mix: September 2014!

Hi hi hi! It’s finally Fall! And this mix is finally here! Slightest of apologies for the more than slight delay, but it’s better now—I promise!—because the beginning of September didn’t even feel like Fall anyway! As you might expect, it’s pretty warm and fuzzy (both feelings-wise and copious effects pedals-wise) and wonderfully suited for a brisk night walk or super-sunny morning mosey. Play it to YOUR comfort level!

Download It!!!

01. Boyracer “Naked”
02. Echo Lake “Further Down”
03. Throwing Muses “Two Step”
04. Snow What “Metal Warrior”
05. Failed Flowers “Fuck You”
06. Mazzy Star “Be My Angel”
07. Butter The Children “Boozer”
08. Star Horses “Spend The Night”
09. Kindling “Seen & Heard”
10. Lunchbox “It Feels Good To Lose”
11. The Secret Stars “Shoe In”
12. Buddha On The Moon “Yardsale”
13. Working “Slow Movements”
14. That Dog. “She Looks At Me”
15. Yo La Tengo “I Heard You Looking”
16. Joyride! “Open Curtain”

Gossip Girl


Eeeeeeee! This new Tigercats track is making my day. "Well she’s the greatest kisser / and god knows I’m no Bobby Fischer"—GUH, get out of town! Too perfect, it’s just too perfect. All of this set to dreamy melodies and fizzy fruits and, oh yeah, a horn breakdown. And the news gets better: they’ve just recently signed to Fortuna Pop! and have a new record on the way set to drop early next year! Now go play this a few times, won’t you?


Joyride! "Slow Release"

Slow Release

Just in time for Fall, the new Joyride! LP is here! It’s bracing and brilliantly rough around the edges—suited as perfectly for wrestling with a dog in a pile of leaves as it is for some good old-fashioned reflective gazing out of car windows. You’d do well to add this to your Fall soundtrack as soon as humanly possible.

It’s out on Salinas later this month, but you can go listen to the whole thing on bandcamp right now!


Aerofall "April"


Not a whole lot to say, because I’m sleepy and it’s late, but for my money this is probably THE best shoegazing track to see the light of day this year. And it’s here via the debut LP from Rostov-on-Don, Russia’s brilliant Aerofall. Quite a few of the tracks from the self-titled record have been floating around for the past few years, but this new one (along with several more) join the others for an LP that reminds me of The Ecstasy of Saint Theresa at their most amazing moments—blistering low end guitars with loads of drive and (you know the drill) gorgeous, melodic, discernable at best atop-the-clouds female vox. The record was released by Hands And Moment back in April (haha) and quite frankly I’m a dummy for waiting this long to hear it—which meaaaaaans that you should RUN NOT WALK to the entirety of this record asap. You can’t sleep on a record this loud anyway.


A Monthly Mix: August 2014


As if this year hasn’t already been a flat-out banner year for things we like, these past few months (and the next few on the horizon) have been tremendous in the melody department. Illustrating that fact quite well, this month’s mix is sixteen all new songs spanning the a good bit of the globe—kicking off in a probably undisclosed garage in California and finishing up as screaming feedback in Rostov-on-Don, Russia. SO FUN.

If this is the kind of brilliance that late-Summer is capable of, I think I might be willing to postpone my autumnal longing for just a little bit longer.

Here’s the tracklist and link. Listen loud! All of these songs hail from records either fresh out of the oven or just on their way out, so if you love them please dig a little deeper and support the bands!!!


01. Terry Malts “Let You In”
02. Bent Shapes “86’d in ‘03”
03. Earth Girls “Who We’ve Never Met”
04. Crabapple “Loose Ends”
05. Joanna Gruesome “Jerome (Liar)”
06. Lightfoils “Addict”
07. Rat Columns “Pink Mist”
08. Literature “New Jacket”
09. Alvvays “Atop A Cake”
10. The Luxembourg Signal “We Go On”
11. Flowers “Joanna”
12. Siamese Twins “Alone”
13. Amanda X “Dream House”
14. Fleabite “Boom Boom Boom” (Vengaboys cover, kinda)
15. Cancers “Glaciers”
16. Aerofall “Nice”



Cancers "Be Cool"

Be Cool

This song! This band! This whole fucking record! My god, this is just 100% Summer, isn’t it? Just go ahead and throw a few dashes of Velocity Girl, Superchunk, and Veruca Salt (salt, HAH) into a blender, add a few of your favorite summer camp movies, mix on medium (so you still have some chunks), and you’ve got Cancers.

Ella Kaspar and Lenny Miller round out the Athens, GA-based duo seemingly hellbent on creating melodies as formidable as the mammoth amounts of fuzz and distortion they stir upon. Fatten the Leeches is their debut LP, and if you hadn’t picked up on it by now, it’s tremendous! It’s out September 16, so you’ll have to wait a bit, but listening to “Be Cool” all Summer long doesn’t sound so bad anyway.

If you need more, a 7” and a demo can be all yours over on Kandy Kane Records’ bandcamp page. The record will be released via Kandy Kane (digital/cd) and Dead Broke (vinyl/cassette).


A Monthly Mix: July 2014!


Hey July Friends! It’s a new month and time for a new mix! This month is all about that summer feeling—you know, the one that makes you wanna flop down on it. That said, there’s no Jonathan Richman (One can only put that song on so many Summer mixes in a row), but there’s a whole lot of other A+ stuff going on.

Melbourne Cans (from, well, you guessed it) open the mix up with “Drowned Rats”, a song I’ve unofficially (read: not here) been raving about for a few weeks now. Anyway, it’s perfect and it might be one of my favorites of the year. It’s followed by another two fantastic new ones in a row from Eureka California (not from California) and Burnt Palms (from California), both of which have just released new, spot-on Summer records. Get on it! The Cocteaus and Lush do some dreamy, sunny things and then we’re back to a pair of new pop from Diners and Strange Babes (careful with the outro, it’s an earworm). Okay that’s really enough play by play. The rest of the songs are really good too, I promise. Should you fall in love, do follow the links and buy the records!


01. Melbourne Cans “Drowned Rats”
02. Eureka California “Edith (One Day You’ll Live In A Bunker)”
03. Burnt Palms “Again”
04. Cocteau Twins “Summerhead”
05. Lush “Lit Up”
06. Diners “Hangout With You”
07. Strange Babes “Holiday”
08. Moped “Hotel”
09. Betty Please “Airport Love”
10. Tyrannosaurus Dead “Post Holiday Dead Song”
11. Catchers “Cotton Dress”
12. The Magick Heads “Before We Go Under”
13. Gleemer “Weekend Sisters”
14. #Poundsign# “Starry Night”



A few things:

1. This is unquestionably my new personal anthem.
2. Do not sleep on this new Ace Bushy Striptease record because it’s brilliant, charming, hilarious, jangly, and wildly infectious.
3. Only listening to records with Gilmore Girls references henceforth.